827 #OPR posts & comments within 11 years


PHW has cultivated its comment culture intensively from the very beginning in 2013. Newly conceptualized as an Open Peer Review (#OPR) journal from February 2021, we will now take this form of quality assurance to another level. Our firm intention is to provide an #OPR for every published article. This will be double-blind until publication: authors do not know the name of the reviewer, the reviewer does not know the name of the author until the article and the OPR post are published, when transparency is established on all sides and both the contribution and the #OPR post are open for debate. After discussion threads are complete, contributions, reviews and comments are preserved under one common DOI. We are convinced that this kind of quality assurance is better suited to free academic discourse than other procedures. From now on, we distinguish between freely posted (⇒ guidelines), but thoroughly edited and checked, peer comments, and Open Peer Reviews (#OPR), which are invited and double-blind. The latter will be headlined accordingly. The author of the Initial contribution is invited to respond to the reviews and comments. After his “Author’s Reply” the article and comment thread is closed and the publication is completed.

(⇒) Reviewers and commentators since 2013


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