Personal Details: Bruce-Roberts, Rhonwen

Bruce-Roberts Rhonwen

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Rhonwen Bruce-Roberts is a Senior Lecturer and PGCE Secondary History Course Leader at Edge Hill University. Rhonwen’s doctoral research explores the use of the medieval past in historical pageants, Eisteddfodau, children’s literature and history education in the creation and maintenance of Welsh and British identities in the years 1870-1939. Rhonwen is a committee member of History Teacher Education Network (HTEN) to promote the development of secondary history education. Rhonwen is also currently collaborating on: Missing Matter: A Digital Project of Transatlantic Feminist Historical Recovery.  Current research interests include inclusive learning communities, Four Nations approach in teaching history, Decolonisation, student engagement and learning transitions, the experiences of beginner teachers with regards to the place of diversity within history, unsilencing hidden and marginalised histories and the challenge of policy and curriculum. Rhonwen is currently undertaking research into beginner teachers and mentors’ perceptions of Decolonisation and its impact on the History PGCE Curriculum.

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