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Jim Knopf, Cologne, July 2011 (c) Redhope via Flickr

Different voices. Originally in every 13th week we published a contribution of a guest author in the section “Wilde 13” whose identity should have remained a surprise until publishing. Because of the growing number of authors, the contributions of this section appear now less often and ad hoc. Nevertheless we hope to present texts by well known and distinguished experts in the broader field of politics, humanities and social sciences as well as the arts and public culture, the educational system, and – last but not least – by experienced field professionals of public history. Let us surprise you!



“Wilde 13” Contributors

19 October 2023

X-Mem Project (a perspective from public history practice with new technologies)

Virtual Reality Beyond the ‘Time Machine’ – A Manifesto  [English]


25 May 2023

An interview with Marcel Perren (a perspective from tourism)

«Das Gefühl, dass das sensationell gut gemacht ist!»: Ein Interview | “It feels brilliantly done!”: An Interview [Deutsch / English]


27 April 2023

Igor Pizzirusso (a perspective from public history teaching and new technologies)

Games and Cultural Heritage [Italian / English]



20 April 2023

Raffaele Guazzone (a perspective from public history teaching and new technologies)

Cooperate, Deconstruct, Design [Italian / English]



30 March 2023

Diana Carolina Angulo Ramírez (a perspective from public history practice)

Unveiling the Past: Enslaved Lives Matter [Spanish / English]



26 January 2023

Sacha Davis / Michael Kilmister / Adrian Mereles / Adam Khamis (a perspective from digital public history teaching practice)

Exhibiting History: OBL Assessment Online [English]


12 January 2023

David Nally (a perspective from public history teaching practice)

The Impact of Archaeology on History Teachers’ Pedagogy [English]




22 September 2022

Telemach Wiesinger (a perspective from photography and film)

Perception as Subjective Construction: Double Images [German / English]



15 September 2022

Philipp Lachenmann (a perspective from artistic practice)

Materialized Reminiscence of/in the Landscape [German / English]




1 September 2022

Simon Graf / Florian Wegelin / Sønke Gau (a perspective from art studies)

Aesthetic Negotiations on the Historicity of Anti-Tank Obstacles [German / English]



23 December 2021

Artem Kravchenko (a perspective from public history teaching practice)

The Experience of the First Russian Public History Program [Russian / English]



15 September 2021

Clare Menck (a perspective from public history practice)

Public History in Western Australia [English]



Issue 9 (2021) 4: Kariman Mango / Eleni Zanou / Amira Hariri / Adem Artan

Agencies of Public History. School teacher [Arabic / English / Greek / Turkish]


29 April 2021

Sonja Dolinsek (a perspective from feminist activism)

Conflict lines in German historiography of democracy [English / Deutsch] (with Claudia Gatzka)



23 July 2020

Steven Stegers / Marie-Louise Ryback-Jansen (a perspective from EuroClio)

Once the Statues are out of Sight? [English / Deutsch]



26 September 2019

Kathrin Brachah Viehrig (a perspective from Jewish studies)

Public History, Public Religion, Public X? [English / Deutsch]



4 April 2019

Moritz Hoffmann (a perspective from a freelance public historian)

The Moral of the Story: Red Dead Redemption 2 [English / Deutsch]



6 December 2018

Angelika Schoder (a perspective from art marketing)

Black Suffering as Profitable Art [English / Deutsch]



8 November 2018

Adam Chmielewski (a perspective from philosophy)

Post-Truth and Alethic Populism [Polish / English / Deutsch]



1 February 2018

Paula-Irene Villa (a perspective from Gender Studies)

Women, the Powerless Sex? #metoo and Us (1) [English / Deutsch]
Women, the Powerless Sex? #metoo and Us (2) [English / Deutsch]


15 September 2016

Andreas Brenner (a perspective from Philosophy)

Macfarlane’s Travels Shed a Different Light on Brexit | Macfarlanes Wanderungen zeigen den Brexit in einem anderen Licht [English / Deutsch]


26 May 2016

A long-read interview with Manuel Neukirchner (a perspective from the Sports Politics)

Ein “Ballfahrtsort”. Interview mit dem Direktor des Deutschen Fussballmuseums | A “Ballfahrtsort”. Interview with the Director of the German Football Museum [Deutsch / English]


10 December 2015

Bernhard Vogel (a perspective from Politics)

Truthfulness in Politics | Wahrhaftigkeit in der Politik | La vérité en politique [English / Deutsch / Français]


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11 June 2015

Stephanie Bart (a perspective from Literatures)

La façon dont nous parlons de notre histoire | How we talk about our history | Wie wir über unsere Geschichte sprechen [Français / English / Deutsch]


27 November 2014

Bert te Wildt (a perspective from Psychiatry)

Suffering from the collective cult of cognition | Leiden am kollektiven Kult ums Kognitive [English / Deutsch]


29 May 2014

Katharina Teutsch (a perspective from Science Journalism)

Danke und nichts für ungut! Geisteswissenschaften ganz bei sich [Deutsch]
Thank you—No Offence Meant! The Humanities in Splendid Isolation [English]


31 October 2013

Christian Amsler (a perspective from Education Politics)

Projekt Lehrplan 21 – die Politik und die Geschichte [Deutsch]
“Lehrplan 21” – Politics and History [English]


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