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Hariri Amira

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Amira Hariri is a middle and secondary school history educator at Houssam Eddine Hariri High School in Saida, Lebanon. As a member of the Lebanese Association for History, she works as a trainer in professional development programs for history teachers. She has a first level Master degree in History from the Lebanese University and will complete her thesis by 2022.
Amira positions herself as a risk-taker because she teaches her students out of the national curriculum programme, which has not changed since 1997. She has a deep passion for developing her career by participating in national and international conferences. In addition to organizing many academic meetings, she supports her students in the Model United Nations programme. She loves to read and travel.
  • Daring to Teach the Civil War in Lebanon

    الجرأة في تدريس “الحرب الأهلية” في لبنان

    Abstract: The national curriculum in Lebanon has remained unchanged since 1997. Not only is the 1975-1990 civil war a highly sensitive historical event, but the national education system has made... Read More ›

    Daring to Teach the Civil War in Lebanon

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