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Public History Weekly (PHW) is a multilingual, collaborative open peer review journal about all kinds of dealing with the past in the public on all continents. Our mission is to provide a platform for discussion and advancement of public history research and teaching. We want to build bridges between research and application, politics and academia, the school and the university.
PHW thrives on the diversity of the voices and interests of its authors. We accept contributions by acknowledged researchers or experts working on all aspects of public history. Every Thursday 8 clock CET we publish new multilingual contributions. Join the lively international debate in the comments on our website or in the social media.

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Our Editorial Meetings

8th Editorial Meeting 2023 in Vienna and Krems / Wachau

From left to right: Michel Kobelinski, Serge Noiret, Thomas Hellmuth, Arthur Chapman, Catalina Muñoz Rojas, Marko Demantowsky, Joanna Wojdon, Thomas Cauvin, Clarissa Ceglio, Peter Gautschi, Tanya Evans, Noor Nieftagodien, Jerome De Groot, Andrei Volodin, Maria K. Georgiou, Barbara Pavlek Löbl, Na Li, Cord Arendes, Alan Christy, Enrica Salvatori, Irmgard Zündorf, Rabea Rittgerodt, Jasmine Alinder


7th Editorial Meeting 2020 on Zoom.org

The constitutive first meeting at August 27 of the new Executive Board in digital distance, while the worldwide Covid-19 pandemia.

from top left to bottom right: Florian Hoppe, Marko Demantowsky, Courtney Neaveill, Jasmine Alinder, Irina Savelieva, Andrei Volodin, Heather Sharp, Christian Bunnenberg, Catalina Muñoz Rojas, Alan Christy, Arthur Chapman, Caitriona Ni Cassaithe, Michel Kobelinski, Bassel Akar


6th Editorial Meeting 2018 in Wrocław, Poland

Wrocław, June 6-7, a guided tour of the city by the colleague Prof Krzysztof Ruchniewicz for some of our team from Austria, Switzerland, Poland, and Germany.

left to right: Marko Demantowsky, Dominika Uczkiewicz, Jan Hodel, Rachel Huber, Judith Breitfuss, Christian Bunnenberg, and far right Krzysztif Ruchniewicz

5th Editorial Meeting 2017 in Vienna, Austria

Vienna, July 3, in the backyard of the History Education department of Vienna University with some members of our international Editorial and Executive Board from Poland, Austria, Switzerland, and Germany.

Left to right: Marko Demantowsky, Thomas Hellmuth, Krzysztof Ruchniewicz, Peter Gautschi, Dominika Uczkiewicz, Judith Breitfuss, Jan Hodel, Christian Bunnenberg


4th Editorial Meeting 2016 in Basel, Switzerland

Basel, September 5, again at the “Sandgrube” with many members of our international Editorial and Executive Board from Poland, Austria, Switzerland, and Germany.


Left to right, top: Marko Demantowsky, Krzysztof Ruchniewicz, Moritz Hoffmann, Peter Gautschi, Thomas Hellmuth, Jan Hodel | left to right, middle/bottom: Christian Bunnenberg, Philippe Weber, Isabella Schild, Judith Breitfuss, Dominika Uczkiewicz, Elise Wintz, Pascale Schibli, Marco Zerwas


3rd Editorial Meeting 2015 in Basel, Switzerland

Basle, October 3, again at the “Sandgrube” with many members of our multinational team from Argentina, South Africa, Switzerland, USA, Italy, Austria, Germany, Great Britain, Russia, and Australia.


Left to right, top: Mario Carretero, Rob Siebörger, Peter Gautschi, Mills Kelly Serge Noiret | left to right, middle: Christoph Kühberger, Charlotte Bühl-Gramer, Cord Arendes, Michele Barricelli, Alix Green, Marco Zerwas, Marko Demantowsky | left to right, bottom: Thomas Hellmuth, Jan Hodel, Alexander Khodnev, Daisy Martin, Robert Parkes, Elise Wintz


2nd Editorial Meeting 2014 in Basel, Switzerland

Basle, 30/31 June, at the “Sandgrube”


Left to right, top: Michael Sauer, Julia Schreiner, Roberto Simanowski, Bettina Alavi, Markus Bernhardt, Monika Fenn, Christoph Kühberger, Michele Barricelli, Claudine Moulin, Béatrice Ziegler, Saskia Handro, Peter Gautschi, Holger Thünemann, Thomas Hellmuth | left to right, bottom: Jan Hodel, Marko Demantowsky Foto: Marco Zerwas


1st Editorial Meeting 2013 in Basel, Switzerland

Basle 7/8 June, at a “Fähri” on the Rhine River

Editoral Meeting 2013

Left to right: Markus Bernhardt, Holger Thünemann, Monika Fenn, Charlotte Bühl-Gramer, Christoph Kühberger, Saskia Handro, Marco Zerwas, Julia Schreiner, Béatrice Ziegler, Michele Barricelli, Thomas Hellmuth, Simone Dietrich, Jan Hodel, Bettina Alavi.

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