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Thomas Hellmuth, Dr. phil (*1965), ist Universitätsprofessor für Didaktik der Geschichte an der Universität Wien und war zuvor assoziierter Professor für Geschichtsdidaktik und Politische Bildung an der Universität Salzburg. Er ist auch als Historiker (Kultur- und Sozialgeschichte) tätig und hat langjährige Erfahrung als Gymnasiallehrer. Derzeitige Forschungsschwerpunkte: Theorien und Methoden der Didaktik der Geschichte und politischen Bildung (insbesondere subjektorientierte Geschichts- und Politikdidaktik), historisch-politisches Lernen, Geschichte des historischen und politischen Lernens, Geschichtskultur und Identitäten; Kulturgeschichte Frankreichs, Lokal- und Regionalgeschichte.

Thomas Hellmuth, PhD (*1965), is Professor for History Education at the University of Vienna. Previously, he was Associate Professor for History and Civic Education at the University of Salzburg. He has many years of experience as a teacher at school and he is also active as historian (cultural and social history). Current research interests: theories an methods of History Education and Civic Education (in particular subject-oriented Didactics); historico-political learning, history of the historical and political learning; historical culture and identities; cultural history of France; local and regional history.
  • Subject Orientation


    At first glance, the term "subject orientation" seems to be nothing more than an exaggerated paraphrase of the didactic principle of "addressee orientation".

    Subject Orientation
  • Austrian Democracy

    Österreichische Demokratie

    After Ibizagate and with a new government, once again we may ponder the Austrian idea of democracy, which is sometimes confused with harmony.

    Austrian Democracy
  • Late Awareness, Vigorous Remembrance: Austria Today

    Späte Einsicht, intensives Erinnern: Österreich heute

    The Austrian memory of Nazi era and Holocaust remain connected to the "victim thesis". Austria may often seem unteachable, but several institutions are promoting ...

    Late Awareness, Vigorous Remembrance: Austria Today
  • Political Aberrations

    Politische Irrwege

    When the politician Roman Haider of the party FPÖ (Freedom Party of Austria) caused the interruption of a lecture about political extremism in an Austrian school in spring 2017, a heated debate erupted over the place of politics in school education. The controversy raises important questions over the aims and principles of civic education.

    Political Aberrations
  • Right-Wing Populism as the New Mainstream?

    Neue Mitte rechts außen?

    In Europe, right-wing populists are on the rise. They talk about the nation and include only people who meet their ideas. They design theories in which they appear as victims and are convinced that national culture is in danger.

    Right-Wing Populism as the New Mainstream?
  • A Plea for Historytelling in the Classroom

    Ein Plädoyer für “Historytelling” im Unterricht
    A plea for Historytelling

    In recent years – not least because of the triumphant march of (by now inflationary) competency models – the didactics of history has focused on the deconstruction of historical narratives. Of course, there are several good reasons for this, but nevertheless, history teaching needs historytelling.

    A Plea for Historytelling in the Classroom
  • About Competences, or – instead – how about Education?

    Über Kompetenzen – oder doch eher: Wie wär’s mit Bildung?

    It seems to be a platitude: knowledge should not remain unexploited but, instead, be used for effective problem-solving in realistic situations. The discussions of the last few years about education and the development of competency models were characterized by this idea that – at first glance – appears reasonable.

    About Competences, or – instead – how about Education?
  • Populism: A political combat term?

    Populismus: Ein politischer Kampfbegriff?

    An over-used concept would very well qualify as the "non-word" of the year: populism. For some time all political movements and politicians diverging from the – however it is defined – political "middle" are condemned as "populist". ...

    Populism: A political combat term?

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