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Cord Arendes, Dr. phil (*1971), Professor für Angewandte Geschichte – Public History an der Universität Heidelberg. Zuvor war er als wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter an den Universitäten Berlin (FU), Greifswald und Heidelberg in verschiedenen Forschungs- und Editionsprojekten sowie als Akademischer Rat am Lehrstuhl für Zeitgeschichte an der Universität Heidelberg tätig. Zu seinen Schwerpunkten in Forschung und Lehre zählen Public History, Audiovisuelle Aspekte der Geschichtswissenschaft, Historische Ausstellungen, die Geschichtstheorie sowie der politisch-justizielle Umgang mit der nationalsozialistischen Vergangenheit in Westeuropa.

Cord Arendes, PhD (*1971), is Professor for Applied and Public History at Heidelberg University. He previously worked as Research Assistant/Lecturer at the universities of Berlin (FU), Greifswald, and Heidelberg and as Assistant Professor (Akademischer Rat) for Contemporary History at Heidelberg University. His main research and teaching interests focus on Public History, Audiovisual Aspects of History, Historical Exhibitions, Theory of History and the Political and Juridical Handling of the NS-Past in Western Europe.
  • What Do We Mean by “Public”?

    Was heißt hier “public?”

    The emphasis on the ‘public’ component marks the essential difference between Public History and other Historical Sciences

    What Do We Mean by “Public”?
  • Are Public Historians “Missionaries”?

    Public Historians als “Missionare“?

    ‘Participation’ is something of a contemporary buzzword. Attuning oneself as closely as possible to the interests and needs of the general public is considered the golden path to success.

    Are Public Historians “Missionaries”?
  • Debating Clubs as a Method of Historical Learning

    Debattierclubs als Methode historischen Lernens

    Especially when it comes to historical reasoning and the formation of historical judgements, there are good reasons for us to assume that the ability to debate is ... a democratic key qualification.

    Debating Clubs as a Method of Historical Learning
  • “Landshut”–History, Up in the Airplane

    “Landshut” – Geschichte im Flugzeug aufarbeiten

    On October 13, 1977, four Palestinian terrorists hijacked the Lufthansa aircraft “Landshut”[1] on its flight from Palma de Mallorca to Frankfurt am Main.

    “Landshut”–History, Up in the Airplane
  • Do we need “Dark Public History“?

    Brauchen wir eine “Dark Public History”?

    What does the boom of Dark Tourism mean for public historians and why don't conventional labels such as Dissonant Heritage and Thanatourism include the term Dark Public History?

    Do we need “Dark Public History“?
  • Public History and Spaces of Knowledge

    Public History und die Wiederöffnung des Wissenschaftsraumes

    Scientists have workspaces for research and teaching, e.g. laboratories or media platforms. Against the background of public history’s focus on participation and cooperation: where does public history position itself in this 'question of space'?

    Public History and Spaces of Knowledge
  • Successful Public History – A Question of Empirical Evidence?

    Erfolgreiche Public History – eine Frage empirischer Evidenz?

    One of the many tasks of Public History is to analyze the extensive offerings of products mediating history in the public domain. The question whether the success of such an understanding of Public History could be measurable has not yet been asked very often – not least ...

    Successful Public History – A Question of Empirical Evidence?
  • Who We Are: Public Historians as Multiple Personalities?

    Wer wir sind: Public Historians als multiple Persönlichkeiten?

    There is no doubt that, since its inception in the United States, public history has been increasingly professionalized internationally as an academic teaching and research discipline. At German universities, however, its status is still fuzzy. Although ...

    Who We Are: Public Historians as Multiple Personalities?

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