About Competences, or – instead – how about Education?

Über Kompetenzen – oder doch eher: Wie wär’s mit Bildung?

It seems to be a platitude: knowledge should not remain unexploited but, instead, be used for effective problem-solving in realistic situations. The discussions of the last few years about education and the development of competency models were characterized by this idea that – at first glance – appears reasonable.


Social functionalization of education and school

However, a closer look reveals that there are some risks: education is increasingly functionalized, and also exploited, in order to discipline and to manipulate. Social sciences and humanities, including history and civic education, are threatening to become a training camp for superficiality and simple explanations. As a consequence, rhetorical skills and the techniques of representation could be perfected without in-depth knowledge. Practicing lines of arguments serves less to promote social discourse and more to manipulate others and to pretend that competence is present. The competence to deceive ot…

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DOI: dx.doi.org/10.1515/phw-2015-4536

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