Double Subject Orientation? The In Flanders Fields Museum

Doppelte Subjektorientierung? Das In Flanders Fields Museum


Shutters and flaps that can be opened, audios and videos that can be played, replicas of historical scenes that can be entered, and even smell boxes that can be used – the interactive and individualized offerings in exhibitions are becoming increasingly diverse. Military museums also follow this general trend. But how can these forms of active involvement in the development of a narrative in a museum stimulate individual historical thinking? To what extent is subject orientation possible for individual visitors?


Former Frontline Region

In contrast to the destruction caused by World War II in Europe, that of World War I is mainly anchored in regional memories. This can also be seen in the West Flemish former frontline region Westhoek. The city of Ypres was heavily damaged during the war—the Gothic Cloth Hall on the marketplace, which was only rebuilt in the 1960s, became a symbol of the damage caused by the war and the consequences for civilians …

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