A Collaboration Machine. The Index Didacticorum

Eine Kollaborationsmaschine. Der Index Didacticorum

Our daily life as researchers is defined by research publications, literature reviews, reports about experiences and discussions, and proposals. That’s self-evident. Right? What is their role for us, in fact? How much do we still read, in order to write? Only very few of us manage to keep a complete survey of current publications, at the very least. Does the bibliographic informed and systematic reading, inevitably, overtax the academic individual today? So, we came up with an Index Didacticorum.


Spooks on the hard drives

It is possible to regularly spend many working weeks on just keeping one’s special area bibliography up to date internationally. General, non-specific tools, now offered by many universities, do not help much. Their metadata have not been generated with specialist understanding and their collections are boundless. This means that we all have to maintain our own literature lists. University professors who are obliged to generally stay up to dat…

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DOI: dx.doi.org/10.1515/phw-2015-4778

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