Breaking away from Passive History in the Digital Age

Schluss mit der “passiven Geschichte” im digitalen Zeitalter

In Teaching History in the Digital Age, Mills Kelly recounts a teaching anecdote with millennial students. At the beginning of a history class, an avid student informed Kelly that he had “fixed” the Nuremberg video they watched during the previous session.



“Fixing” History

Stunned, Kelly decided to show this modified version to the class. It was the same Universal Newsreel but much of the music track had been replaced with new background music: bass notes from the movie Jaws and passages from Mozart’s Requiem. As the student then explained, the new music was much more appropriate to the seriousness of the situation. “From now on, Professor Kelly,” he insisted, “you should use my version.” Kelly, the scholarly historian, tried as much as he could to explain that the remix was…

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