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Jörn Rüsen, PhD (*1938), is a professor emeritus for General History and Historical Culture at University of Witten/Herdecke (Germany). Prior of this he was full professor at the Universities in Bochum and Bielefeld. 1997-2007 President of the Institute for advanced study in the humanities at Science Centre of Northrhine-Westfalia. Since then visiting professor at University of Stellenbosch and North-West University (both South Africa), Duisburg-Essen and Eichstätt (both Germany), and at the National Taiwan University. Various other honors and awards.
The detailed list of publications by Jörn Rüsen is to find on his homepage.

Jörn Rüsen Dr. phil. (*1938), ist Professor emeritus für Allgemeine Geschichte und Geschichtskultur an der Universität Witten/Herdecke. Zuvor hatte er Lehrstühle in Bochum und Bielefeld inne. 1997-2007 Präsident des Kulturwissenschaftlichen Instituts in Essen im Wissenschaftszentrum Nordrhein-Westfalen. Seitdem Gastprofessuren an der University of Stellenbosch und der North-West University (beide South Africa), Duisburg-Essen und Eichstätt (beide Germany) und an der National Taiwan University. Diverse weitere Ehrungen und Preise.
Eine ausführliche Publikationsliste von Jörn Rüsen finden Sie auf seiner Homepage.
  • The End of Man?

    Das Ende des Menschen?

    Every present age considers itself as transitory. Predefined, traditionally effective means of cultural transmission tend to be appropriated and also...

    The End of Man?
  • Nationality – Dead or Alive?

    Nationalität – tot oder lebendig?

    It seems to be clear that nationality is an outdated piece of history. In the field of cultural studies, the idea that we are living in a post-national era has become firmly established. Nationality has become a concept of political disqualification.

    Nationality – Dead or Alive?
  • The Limits of Multiperspectivity – Relativism and Leitkultur

    Die Grenzen der Multiperspektivität – Relativismus und Leitkultur

    When the historical sciences and history didactics rejected their claim to objectivity, this gave rise to new dynamics and differences. But what about the multiplicity of perspectives?

    The Limits of Multiperspectivity – Relativism and Leitkultur
  • Racism – A Killing Argument in Cultural Studies?

    Rassismus – ein kulturwissenschaftliches Totschlagargument?

    In the culture of politics and history, racism is a thoroughly over-used term. It belongs neither to political nor to cultural-scientific lines of thought, and its meaning has been poorly defined.

    Racism – A Killing Argument in Cultural Studies?
  • Post-ism. The Humanities, Displaced by their Trends

    Post-ismus. Die Geisteswissenschaften, ver-rückt durch ihre Trends

    What is post-ism about? The humanities are a scholarly institution in which human culture is thematized, investigated, and analyzed. They do it in the special way we call 'scholarly' or, in most other languages, 'scientific'. But, nevertheless...

    Post-ism. The Humanities, Displaced by their Trends

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