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Chapman Arthur

Co-director (since August 2020) | Mitherausgeber
Member PHW Executive Board

Arthur Chapman, EdD, MPhil (*1966), is senior lecturer in history education at the UCL Institute of Education, University College London. He was a history teacher for 12 years prior to taking a university post in history education and has worked at the universities of Cumbria and Edge Hill as well as London. He is a series editor of the International Review of History Education, an associate editor of the London Review of Education and of the International Journal of Historical Learning Teaching and Research and he co-edited Teaching History in 2007-2013. His main research interest is in developing historical thinking, and, in particular, in young peoples’ understandings of historical argument, of historical explanation and of conflicts of historical interpretation.

Arthur Chapman, Dr. päd. (*1966), ist Professor für Geschichtsdidaktik am Institut für Bildungswissenschaften der Universität London. Zuvor war er 12 Jahre als Lehrer an der Schule und als Lehrbeauftragter an den Universitäten Cumbria, Edge Hill und auch London tätig. Er ist Mitherausgeber der Reihe "International Review of History Education" und der Zeitschriften "London Review of Education" und "International Journal of Historical Learning Teaching and Research". Darüber hinaus war er Mitherausgeber der Zeitschrift "Teaching History" (2007-2013). Sein hauptsächliches Forschungsinteresse liegt in der Entwicklung des historischen Denkens, insbesondere darin, wie Heranwachsende historische Argumente, Erklärungen und Interpretationskonflikte verstehen.
  • On the Diagnosis and Treatment of Narrative Vices

    Zur Diagnose und Behebung von narrativen Untugenden

    All history is narrative to one degree or another, as Danto has shown, and those who disdain narrative usually end-up telling stories, nonetheless, in their historical writing. We all live narrative projects...

    On the Diagnosis and Treatment of Narrative Vices
  • On the Grammars of School History: Who Whom?

    Über die Grammatiken schulischer Geschichte: Wer wen?

    Grammar has a reputation for tedium, and a well-deserved one, perhaps,... Historical grammars can, however, be a valuable tool for appraising historical thinking and for reflecting on how school history is made and understood.

    On the Grammars of School History: Who Whom?

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