Austrian-Israeli Textbook Committee – A Report

Österreichisch-Israelisches Schulbuchkomitee – ein Bericht

Since 2017, the first ever joint Austrian-Israeli Textbook Committee has been working on the analysis of textbooks for history and political education as well as geography with regards to the presentation of both countries. The results will be used to make recommendations for the further development of textbooks. A first interim report provides a preliminary insight into the work of the committee.


A Complicated Relationship

The relationship between Austria and Israel is not an easy one. The respective view of the other country has been tarnished, especially by the Shoah and its aftermath: On the Austrian side, anti-Semitism, anti-Zionism, and feelings of guilt are important factors that have had an impact on relations with Israel. On the Israeli side, criticism of the negligent and belated confrontation with National Socialism and anti-Semitism in Austria is having a negative effect, as is Israel’s expectation of Austria to show uncritical solidar…

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