Hindelang is not Hindu Kush. Military and Tradition

Hindelang ist nicht Hindukusch. Militär und Tradition

DOI: dx.doi.org/10.1515/phw-2018-10910

Public History scandals have occurred repeatedly in the German Bundeswehr (German armed forces) in recent years. These scandals comprised young men belonging to this modern parliamentary army who actively draw on the traditions and symbols that were once used by the National Socialist Wehrmacht. This has prompted the German Ministry of Defence to consider a new “tradition legislature”. How does it come to such scandals and what is their context? This article problematises this issue by touching on some fundamental questions: Why do people put on a uniform, submit themselves to strict regulations, endure hard training and drill, and in the end are prepared to kill other people or risk the possibility of their own death—if they don’t have to?


A Quick Bird’s Historical Eye View

Notwithstanding the admittedly Eurocentric nature of this sketch (please accept my apology for this), a retrospective look shows the change of motivations and reason…

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DOI: dx.doi.org/10.1515/phw-2018-10910

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