Heidegger, Historicity, and the Black Notebooks

Heidegger, Historizität und die Schwarzen Hefte

Heidegger’s ‘Schwarze Hefte(n)’ have generated some recent controversy. Here, I should like to very briefly deal with the problem of ‘historicity’ and what this means for ‘public history’. The politics of Heidegger’s place in the humanist tradition continues to generate controversy. Undoubtedly the Schwarze Hefte(n) have succeeded in clarifying aspects of Heidegger’s work, and in light of that we can ask: what is the relevance in terms of telling us anything new about Heidegger’s view of history/historicity; and what does it mean in terms of our understanding of the place of human beings in history?


Heidegger’s Narrative or Our Narrative of Heidegger

Quite some time ago, existentialism as a philosophy, and a more general set of ideas, had a far-reaching impact on what was then called ‘Western’ thought. Existentialism and existential philosophy was reflected in a great deal of artistic expression, and symbolized a kind of ‘general human co…

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