Historicising role models, historical-political remembrance

Historisierte Leitbilder, geschichtspolitisches Gedenken

Do you know the country’s memorial foundations for outstanding German statesmen [Politikergedenkstiftungen]? One of them or even all of them? Sometimes it is hard to imagine that the nationally funded German memorial landscape might include more than just memorials for National Socialism and GDR. But, then, there are also museums and memorials for the republic and democracy. Amongst those, memorial foundations for statesmen play a very special role. And very slowly, these foundations are becoming more and more meaningful for German public memory in the course of increasing professionalisation and popularisation.



Politicians outside their parties

The idea of memorial foundations for German statesmen was established in 1978 with the opening of the Chancellor-Adenauer House in Röhndorf. Aside from the Adenauer House, memorials for four other statesmen were later created in six other locations: Otto von Bismarck (Friedrichsruh, Schönhausen), Friedrich …

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DOI: dx.doi.org/10.1515/phw-2015-4248

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