Rhodes must fall! Anatomy of a Protest

Rhodes muss gestürzt werden! Anatomie eines Protestes

The recent protests about the statue of Rhodes at the University of Cape Town (UCT) have resulted in much debate and media coverage. They also present an opportunity to analyse elements of public history and its role.


The Rise and Fall of Rhodes Memoralization

Since 1934, students making their way up the many granite stairs that lead to the main campus of the University of Cape Town, where I work, have passed by the imposing statue of Cecil John Rhodes (modelled on Rodin’s The Thinker), which looks out over a wide vista of the eastern side of Cape Town and False Bay. Most, probably, have not given it a second glance and have simply accepted it as part of the landscape of the oldest university in South Africa. It was presented to the university by the “Rhodes Memorial Committee” to commemorate the role of Rhodes (1853-1902) in extending the British Empire northward from South Africa and also as a mark of the fact that Rhodes had bequeathed the land on …

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