Personal Details: Simon, Zoltán Boldizsár

Simon Zoltán Boldizsár

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Zoltán Boldizsár Simon, PhD, *1979, is assistant professor at Leiden University and research fellow at Bielefeld University. He has written extensively on the theory and philosophy of history, on historical time and questions of temporality, and on the challenges posed by technology and the Anthropocene to the human condition and to modern historical thinking.
His articles can be read in journals ranging from History and Theory and The Anthropocene Review to History of the Human Sciences and European Journal of Social Theory. He is the author of History in Times of Unprecedented Change: A Theory for the 21st Century (Bloomsbury, 2019) and The Epochal Event: Transformations in the Entangled Human, Technological, and Natural Words (Palgrave, 2020).

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