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Marcus Collins, PhD, is Reader in Contemporary History at Loughborough University and AHRC/BBC 100 History Fellow. He is author of The Beatles and Sixties Britain (2020) and Modern Love (2003), co-author of Why Study History? (2020) and editor of The Permissive Society and Its Enemies (2007). He is currently writing the second volume of his study of the Beatles (The Beatles’ World) and Arrested Development: Broadcasting and Homosexuality from Wolfenden to AIDS. He is researching British public opinion towards decolonisation and a comparative study of social attitudes in the ‘global sixties’. As AHRC/BBC 100 History Fellow for 2022, he is organising a series of events commemorating the BBC’s centenary in collaboration with the Historical Association and the OCR exam board, three theatre companies, two museums and the BBC itself to explore whether Britain and the BBC experienced a 'cultural revolution' in the 1960s. The activities include staging adaptations of BBC documentaries about LGBT+ issues, Black sexuality and women’s rights for which the scripts survive but the recordings have been lost; using AV material to diversify their teaching of twentieth-century British history in secondary schools; and an online exhibition using oral histories to tell the history of broadcasting from the perspective of ordinary listeners and viewers.

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