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Nordgren Kenneth

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Kenneth Nordgren, PhD, is Professor of Social Science Education at Karlstad University, where he is a researcher and research leader at the Centre for Social Science Education (CSD) and where he has also served as Dean of Teacher Education. Before receiving his PhD in 2006, he worked as a teacher of history and social science in an upper secondary school. His research interests are in theoretical aspects of history education in complex and changing societies with a particular focus on multiculturalism and the Anthropocene, as well as in more praxis oriented issues, including inquiry methods and teachers' collaborative planning and preparation of lessons.
His recent research publications include: Boundaries of historical consciousness: A Western cultural achievement or an anthropological universal?, Journal of Curriculum Studies (2019); Powerful knowledge, intercultural learning and history education, Journal of Curriculum Studies (2017); and How to do things with history: Use of history as a link between historical consciousness and historical culture, Theory and Research in Social Education (2016).

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