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Montenegro María

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Originally from Chile, María Montenegro (she/her/ella) is an assistant professor of Global Indigenous Studies in the Global and International Studies’ Department at the University of California, Irvine. Her work is with Indigenous peoples, Tribal Nations and Pueblos/Naciones and her research broadly interrogates the complex dynamics between race, settler and internal colonialism, Indigeneity, recognition, representation, and nationalism across the Americas. Bringing together Indigenous studies, critical archival studies, and Indigenous law and politics, this work spans from studying and critiquing the requirements, uses and misuses of “evidence” by nation-states in Indigenous claims for sovereignty, autonomy and land restitution; to assisting Indigenous peoples in regaining control, rights, ownership and sovereignty over their data and collections. She's currently looking into Chile’s 2021-2022 Constitutional Convention (2021-2022), centering on the demands advanced by the Indigenous delegates throughout the constitution-making process, with special focus on how they formulated the concepts of plurinationality, interculturality, and self-determination.

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