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  • Public History to Oblivion: Archimob

    L’histoire publique aux oubliettes: Archimob | Von der Public History zum Vergessen: Archimob

    A 1998 controversy about World War 2 led Switzerland to the creation of a unique oral history project called Archimob. Founded before widespread digitalization, the question is: What is left of it?

    Public History to Oblivion: Archimob
  • Post-Truth and Alethic Populism

    Post-prawda i populizm aletyczny | Postfaktizität und alethischer Populismus

    Ever since its nomination as the word of the year 2016, the concept of “post-truth” continues to agitate public opinion. But what is the solution? About Alethic Populism.

    Post-Truth and Alethic Populism
  • Difficult Histories: Optional or Essential?

    Schwierige Geschichte: Optional oder essenziell?

    New Zealand’s high autonomy history curriculum fails to provide young people with essential knowledge about the colonial past. Educators should consider the essential knowledge that students deserve to have.

    Difficult Histories: Optional or Essential?
  • “Chronological Frameworks”, New History Strategy? (ИКС)

    “Хронологический каркас” учебника, новая стратегия истории? | “Chronologische Rahmen”, neue Geschichtsstrategie?

    Some years have passed since the appearance of the Historical and Cultural Standard (ИКС) for teaching Russian history. It has significantly changed the...

    “Chronological Frameworks”, New History Strategy? (ИКС)

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