Lookout: Public History in Russia

Бдительность: Общественная история России | Ausguck: Public History in Russland

We start with a commonplace: "Public history in Russia is a new phenomenon." Talk about it started 10 years ago.

Unforgettable Stones: What is their Secret?

Незабвенные камни: в чем их секрет? | Unvergessliche Steine: Was ist ihr Geheimnis?

The Suvorov Cross, raised in 1899 in memory of the fallen Russian soldiers crossing the Alps in 1799, remains one of the iconic tourist places.

Talking About the Stars: August Ludwig Schlözer

Разговоры о звездах: «Введение во всеобщую историю» Августа Людвига Шлецера | Über die Sterne sprechen: August Ludwig Schlözer

As 190 years have passed since the publication, August Ludwig Schlözer has contributed to the development of the teaching of universal history and didactics of history in Russia.


  • The Italian Public History Manifesto

    Il Manifesto della Public History Italiana | Das italienische Public-History-Manifest

    Historians as experts are challenged today. In 2015, Jo Guldi and David Armitage deplored this state of affairs in a Manifesto widely commented on worldwide and translated into Italian.

    The Italian Public History Manifesto

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