General Ethical Declaration


Public History Weekly – The Open Peer Review Journal was founded as a platform for transnational, transcultural and multilingual exchange about the ways in which ‘history’ is dealt with publicly.

To date, we have published 474 articles by 203 authors from 34 countries in 14 languages as well as 718 in-depth commentaries by 360 academics from around the globe. Each week, together we succeed in keeping alive this candid yet peaceable and prudent discussion across oceans, mountains and the divides separating the traditions of different cultural identities.

Our mission is inspired by the idea of dialogue and ‘international understanding’ (compréhension internationale, Völkerverständigung, международное взаимопонимание, porozumienia między narodami etc.) as it was proposed by the Polish poet Adam Mickiewicz in 1840 when he was invited to Paris to speak “about Slavic literature”. His concept lays the ground of our work’s programme.

Consequentially, Public History Weekly decidedly, in word and in deed, distances itself from any forms of collective discrimination and violation of scholarly best practice. We are thus opposed to all kinds of collaboration with authors and partners who support wars violating international law as well as any infringements of human rights.

Public History Weekly condemns the ongoing war of aggression waged by the Russian Federation and declares its solidarity with all victims of this criminal war.


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26 March 2022

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