Personal Details: Pavlek Löbl, Barbara

Barbara Pavlek Löbl

Deputy CCO (from Feb 2022)
PHW Central Editorial Office

Barbara Pavlek Löbl, Dr. phil. (*1990), studies cultural history from a multidisciplinary perspective, combining insights from archaeology, information theory, cultural evolution and cognitive science, and using quantitative methods and digital collections to study long-term cultural change. She completed her dissertation on the evolution of coinage as an informational system at the University of Jena and the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History. Currently, she is University Assistant (Postdoctoral Researcher) at the Chair of Public History, University of Vienna, where she is taking part in creating a digitally enhanced cultural anthropology of Austrian places of remembrance of national relevance, focusing in particular on the interaction between people, places, monuments and narratives and their role in the formation and transmission of cultural memory.

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