Political Activism in and through Public History

2nd Public History Weekly World Conference 1-3 September 2023

Our hybrid conference at the famous Vienna Volkskundemuseum with renowned speakers representing public history research from 18 countries and 5 continents is dedicated to a highly topical issue: all over the world, scholarly-based and necessarily differentiated recounts of the past are attacked and challenged by political interest groups. This happens in many ways and often highly professionally in diverse media formats. How does one deal with this as a university teacher and researcher of public history? Should one act in a decidedly political way or maintain a strictly analytical position (to name two extreme positions)? What can we learn from successful practical examples? Could we agree on criteria? In the end, are public historians necessarily also activists of rational storytelling?

We invite our readers to join our conference virtually via livestreams (linked below), and take part in the discussions on Twitter under the hashtag #PHWConf23. Your tweets will be displayed live on a Twitter Wall, and the conference speakers will be able to directly respond to them.

The conference is being held to mark the 10th anniversary of the first publication of Public History Weekly. The Open Peer Review Journal.

Livestreams of the Conference

Room 1 (Plenary)

Room 2 (Library)

Our Partner’s Book Exhibition: De Gruyter Academic Publishers

Seeing History: Public History in China
Handbook of Digital Public History
Exhibiting the Past
Ordinary Oralities
The Politics of Historical Memory and Commemoration in Africa
Making Histories
How Computers Entered the Classroom, 1960–2000
International Public History
Frozen Time. Museums as Panic Rooms
Professional Historians in Public
Public History and School

The Conference Sponsors


Chair of Public History (Vienna)

Chair of History Didactics

Faculty of Historical and Cultural Studies

PHW Friends’ Association

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