International Politics, Return to National Memory in Turkey

Uluslararası Siyaset ve Türkiye’de Ulusal Belleğe Dönüş | Internationale Politik, Rückkehr zur nationalen Erinnerung in der Türkei

Removing the “Past”: Debates Over Official Sites of Memory

Déboulonner le “passé”: les sites officiels de la mémoire | “Vergangenheit” entfernen: Debatten über staatliche Erinnerungsorte


  • Digital Public History: Bringing the Public Back In

    Digital Public History: Einbezug der Öffentlichkeit | Digital Public History: L’importance de la dimension «publique»

    Digital History has reshaped the documentation methods of historians, especially their means of accessing and storing history. However, this seismic shift has occurred without any thorough critical discussion of these digital tools and practices ...

    Digital Public History: Bringing the Public Back In
  • Why Historical Narrative Matters?

    Was macht historische Narrative bedeutsam? | Quelle est l’importance des récits historiques?

    Imagine you are in school and asked to write down, in a page or two, the history of your country, your nation or your homeland (patria) as you know it. While this task may sound trivial, it tells us some important facets of people’s ability to use knowledge of the past ...

    Why Historical Narrative Matters?
  • A History/Memory Matrix for History Education

    Eine Geschichts-/Gedächtnis-Matrix für den Geschichtsunterricht

    On what grounds do the interventions of school history rest? Why not simply accept “spontaneous” community memory, family myth, commercially produced narratives (e.g., Hollywood cinema) or other state-sponsored memories (e.g., national...

    A History/Memory Matrix for History Education
  • Defining History as a School Subject

    Geschichte als Schulfach definieren

    History curriculum documents for schools often contain a statement providing a description or definition of the nature of the subject. Recent developments in South Africa draw attention to the need to provide a justification for the vision and purpose of History as a school subject.

    Defining History as a School Subject
  • Theory of History Knowledge: Poor.

    Geschichtstheoretische Kenntnisse: Mangelhaft.

    Numerous texts on the didactics of history are permeated with stylish jargon that has nothing to do with the established terminology of the theory of history. This is just not simply a matter of buzzwords – this jargon represents, instead, obscuring terminology and the vocabulary of idlers.

    Theory of History Knowledge: Poor.
  • Hitler: Personalisation in historical representation and no end

    Hitler: Personalisierung in der historischen Darstellung und kein Ende

    Who exactly acts in the past and in history? Is it solely the rulers or is Bert Brecht’s literary critique in his poem "Questions from a worker who reads" as necessary today as it was in 1935? It seems that in the classroom a reductive and a balanced  ...

    Hitler: Personalisation in historical representation and no end


  • Against Empathy in History?

    Gegen Empathie in der Geschichte?

    Empathy is undoubtedly a good thing, right? Barack Obama certainly thought so. He declared before and during his presidency that America’s federal deficit was less of a problem than its...

    Against Empathy in History?
  • Frameworks of Knowledge and the “Big Picture”

    Wissensrahmen und das “Große Ganze”

    Although many history educators agree that one of the purposes of school history should be to help students assemble the historical knowledge into coherent “big picture” historical narratives...

    Frameworks of Knowledge and the “Big Picture”
  • (Pre-)Scientific Information Retrieval and Wikipedia

    (Vor-)Wissenschaftlich Recherchieren mit Wikipedia?

    Search engines often used for (pre)scientific information retrieval. Wikipedia is a common encyclopedia with more or less suitable articles. Whoever teaches students should emphasize to check such sources carefully.

    (Pre-)Scientific Information Retrieval and Wikipedia

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