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Defining History as a School Subject

History curriculum documents for schools often contain a statement providing a description or definition of the nature of the subject. Recent developments in South Africa draw attention to the need to provide a justification for the vision and purpose of History as a school subject.

Theory of History Knowledge: Poor.

Numerous texts on the didactics of history are permeated with stylish jargon that has nothing to do with the established terminology of the theory of history. This is just not simply a matter of buzzwords – this jargon represents, instead, obscuring terminology and the vocabulary of idlers.

Decoding Da Vinci? A Public History Affair

The Da Vinci Code was a work of fiction, but significant public interest in its claim to be drawing on a hidden history of Christianity forced agents of the Catholic Church, and scholars within the academy, to challenge the book’s historical and theological errors.  …

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