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Are Monuments History?

Historic monuments are making the news. The removal of Confederacy leaders’ statues has provoked reaction in the USA. In Australia, at the same time, news that vandals had defaced the Captain Cook statue in Sydney, garnered attention.

ANZAC and the Right to Dissent

In New Zealand, young people are encouraged to engage in the commemoration of war. They are in an ambivalent position. Whilst they are expected to reinforce the war remembrance, questioning New Zealand’s war record is not an option.

The Dictator’s Slow Return. Porfirio Díaz

July 2, 2015 marked the centennial of the death of dictator Porfirio Díaz, who governed Mexico from 1876 to 1910, when he was overthrown by the Mexican Revolution. Public opinion took advantage of the occasion to debate again his significance in Mexican history. But the historical significance of Porfirio …

Memory Studies “Boom” in Russia

Memory Studies. Thirty years ago, Russian historiography was in the grip of the state’s regulation of the Communist ideology and seriously lagged behind the development of Western European and North American historical thinking. All attempts by some historians to move beyond the Marxist-Leninist …

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