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  • Against Empathy in History?

    Gegen Empathie in der Geschichte?

    Empathy is undoubtedly a good thing, right? Barack Obama certainly thought so. He declared before and during his presidency that America’s federal deficit was less of a problem than its...

    Against Empathy in History?
  • Frameworks of Knowledge and the “Big Picture”

    Wissensrahmen und das “Große Ganze”

    Although many history educators agree that one of the purposes of school history should be to help students assemble the historical knowledge into coherent “big picture” historical narratives...

    Frameworks of Knowledge and the “Big Picture”
  • (Pre-)Scientific Information Retrieval and Wikipedia

    (Vor-)Wissenschaftlich Recherchieren mit Wikipedia?

    Search engines often used for (pre)scientific information retrieval. Wikipedia is a common encyclopedia with more or less suitable articles. Whoever teaches students should emphasize to check such sources carefully.

    (Pre-)Scientific Information Retrieval and Wikipedia
  • History Textbooks – what and whom are they for?

    Geschichtslehrbücher – für wen und warum?

    In Austria, history classes provide competences, concepts, and topics, which should be persistently implemented in history textbooks in accordance with Ministry of Education. Historical thinking...

    History Textbooks – what and whom are they for?

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