Subject-Orientation and Critique on Power

Subjektorientierung und Machtkritik

The modern consensus is that historical learning – in addition to historical content – must take greater account of learners with their individual experiences and knowledge.

The Past on Display: How to Musealize History

Il passato in monstra: come musealizzare la storia | Ausgestellte Vergangenheit: Wie kann Geschichte musealisiert werden

This article reflects on the conceptualization of history embedded in museum exhibitions and discusses competing ideas of history conveyed by museums.

Dinosaur Ride, or: How to Learn Historically with Preconceptions

Dinosaurierritt, oder: Wie man mit Vorstellungen historisch Lernen kann

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  • The Italian Public History Manifesto

    Il Manifesto della Public History Italiana | Das italienische Public-History-Manifest

    Historians as experts are challenged today. In 2015, Jo Guldi and David Armitage deplored this state of affairs in a Manifesto widely commented on worldwide and translated into Italian.

    The Italian Public History Manifesto

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