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  • Socialism Realised

    Sozialismus greifbar gemacht | Socialism Realised - cesta tam a zase zpátky
    Pensioners in Pioneer Costumes from Socialism Times dance

    Might the experience of living in a communist regime be useful for the general international public? This is our attempt to answer this question.

    Socialism Realised
  • Photographs and Occupied Cities

    Fotografien und besetzte Städte | Photographies et villes occupées

    Historical photos are a favoured instrument of Public Historians, especially in exhibitions. They evoke emotions and create narrative dimensions for a broad audience.

    Photographs and Occupied Cities
  • “Whitewater Canoeists” or “Rule Applying Automats”?

    "Wildwasserpaddler" oder "Regelanwendungsautomaten"?

    The question in History Didactics isn't always so much as what the students need to know but what a history teacher actually needs to know in order to be able to work successfully.

    “Whitewater Canoeists” or “Rule Applying Automats”?
  • The Reformation Jubilee. A Polemic

    Das Reformationsjubiläum. Eine Polemik | Het reformatiejubileum. Een polemiek

    Unconcerned minds may fall prey to the idea – quite appropriate for a first intuition – that the Reformation jubilee has something to do with historical reassessment.

    The Reformation Jubilee. A Polemic
  • Curriculum Debates as Public History: Australia

    Lehrplandebatten als Public History: Australien

    Curriculum debates: Increasingly, school history has become the focus of public interest, although the fault lines of related debates seem to fall along predictably and often polarised political orientations.

    Curriculum Debates as Public History: Australia
  • Remembering in Dresden 2017

    Erinnern in Dresden 2017

    The bombing of Dresden in 1945 has been interpreted as a barbarian destruction of an “innocent city” - until today. The “Monument” by the Syrian-German artist, M. Halbouni, challenges this remembrance.

    Remembering in Dresden 2017
  • History Education in Times of Trump

    Historische Bildung in Zeiten von Trump | La enseñanza de la historia en tiempos de Tump

    What interpretations of Mexico-United States relations will the new curriculum of Mexican history recommend? What should we study to prepare a critical citizenry?

    History Education in Times of Trump
  • Fake History and the Outlet Village

    Fake History im Outlet Village

    Outlet villages create synthetic town centres for marketing purposes. From the perspective of tourists, it seems that there is only a marginal difference between such outlet villages and genuine historical towns.

    Fake History and the Outlet Village
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